Made In His Image Class is for individuals who would like a modified version of the weekly sermon. The formal preaching is simplified and delivered in an interactive lesson. The learning is designed for teens and adults with different abilities.

Each week participants begin in the main service for music, singing, and announcements. Next, the Made In His Image Class meets at the top of the stairs in Pastor Mile’s office for the remainder of the service. After service is over participants are released to socialize with people who attended church or are free to go home. Anyone is welcome to join this class and a regular weekly commitment is not necessary.

A consistent format is followed each week with consistent teachers rotating from week to week. Every week consists of greeting time, introducing the main idea, reading a short passage, game/craft/activity, lesson time, and group discussion.

The goals of the group is to invite everyone to feel welcomed at church. Rather than focusing on sitting still and being quiet, the sermon time is filled with interaction and fun. We will do our best to make accommodations or provide individualized help where needed. Please join us!