Wilderness Bible Study -06/29/2019 - Paddle/Hike/Paddle


We had a great paddle across Pinecrest. We even were blessed by a bald eagle chasing and trying to steal a fish from a hawk. Our hike was very pleasant, at an easy going pace. After enjoying some fellowship, time hiking, and time at the wonderful Cleo’s bath, we studies the Bible. We looked and the verses of the garden, the original fall, and the original curse, and their correlation to the fall of Noah, and the curse of Ham. It was a great study, with some wonderful insights from the group, and from God. Praise the Lord, and thank you Jesus for providing us which such wonderful opportunities..

Wilderness Bible Study - 12/08/2018 - Sunset Hike

Good things rarely come easy! It was a short, but steep hike up the Duchess Mine trail, but the effort was well worth it. We had a fantastic bible study, some spontaneous worship, inspiring prayer, great fellowship, and some hot chocolate, while watching the sunset from one of the best places in the area to watch a sunset. Hope you’ll join us next time.


Wilderness Bible Study for 11-10-2018

On Saturday, 11-10-2018, we did our second Wilderness Bible Study to Relief Reservoir. First, we met for some doughnuts and a quick reading prepared by Charlie. Then, as we carpooled up the hill to Relief Reservoir, we had the opportunity to view the start location of the Donnell fire and drive through some of the devastated areas. It was a great way to put life into perspective as we prepared for our hike.

Once at the trail head, we embarked on our hike. It was 7.5 miles, round trip, with about 1000 feet of elevation gain. Once we finally got to the lake, we ate lunch and read 2 Peter for about an hour. Then we rolled our way back down the hill.

It was a great day of praise, fellowship and study. And, once again, God provided us with some perfect hiking weather for November!


1st Wilderness Bible Study

Our first Wilderness Bible Study was held on October 13th, 2018. It was a great loop hike from Gianelli trail head off of Crabtree Rd. We did some off trail hiking up some sloping granite in the Bell creek drainage, until we met up with the Gianelli trail at Powell Lake. There, we studied from the book of Luke and ate lunch.

After our bible study, we hiked out past Burst Rock. The weather was perfect, and the views from there were spectacular. It was a great day of fellowship, study, praising the lord, and adventure. We hope you can make the next one. (Egyptian Cats, Bears, Mountain Lions, Aliens, and JESUS! You’ll have to ask someone who was there what that means.)