Wilderness Bible Study for 11-10-2018

On Saturday, 11-10-2018, we did our second Wilderness Bible Study to Relief Reservoir. First, we met for some doughnuts and a quick reading prepared by Charlie. Then, as we carpooled up the hill to Relief Reservoir, we had the opportunity to view the start location of the Donnell fire and drive through some of the devastated areas. It was a great way to put life into perspective as we prepared for our hike.

Once at the trail head, we embarked on our hike. It was 7.5 miles, round trip, with about 1000 feet of elevation gain. Once we finally got to the lake, we ate lunch and read 2 Peter for about an hour. Then we rolled our way back down the hill.

It was a great day of praise, fellowship and study. And, once again, God provided us with some perfect hiking weather for November!